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Our Patients can buy at Obagi Skin Care Products at Reduced Prices:

♦ We offer consultations for prescription skin care by OBAGI.
♦ Obagi is great for pre-teens and teens.
♦ It is excellent for diminishing and preventing fine lines.
♦ It can remove the dark spots of Melasma and aging.
♦ It evens out skin tones and provides a natural glow to your face. ♦ Nu-Derm Starter Kits
♦ Gentle Cleanser
♦ Foaming Gel
♦ Toner
♦ Clear
♦ Exoderm & Forte
♦ Blender
♦ Sunfader
♦ Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35
♦ Tretinoin Cream
♦ Elastiderm Eye Cream/Gel
♦ Professional C Serum 20%